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In order to establish family relationships for the purpose of admission of individuals for family reunification, DNA testing is also  being  requested from refugees by most immigration entities in the USA. 

DNA Testing for Immigration 

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Genetic testing is a useful tool for verifying a stated biological relationship when no other form of credible evidence is available in conjunction with an immigrant visa application and is often requested by a Consular officer as part of the immigration process.


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DNA Testing for Immigration AABB DNA Testing

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In order to establish genetic association, DNA Testing between the biological parents and  the newborn child must be performed to satisfy the adoption or US Citizenship process as requested in many US Consulates.

DNA Testing for Immigration and International Adoption

Adoptive Parents are often required by many US Consulates to submit their adoptive child to a DNA test with his biological parents as part of the adoption process in order to prevent him from becoming a victim of abduction or human trafficking. dna testing can differ from case to case, therefore, dna testing cost varies too.  All results are 100% accurate and as per aabb org.  

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DNA Testing for Refugee Admission Program

DNA testing of refugees/asylees and certain family members overseas is a requirement of this program according to the US Department of State.